From time to time, our beloved Birmans have trouble with their owners. The owners may no longer be able to care for or keep their cats. Sometimes this is due to death (of owner), disability, prolonged hospital stays or other issues that put them in a situation where they can no longer keep their beloved pet.

The Birman Rescue Fund helps to cover expenses when NBF is assisting in relocating these beautiful cats to their new home. Often expenses may include: transportation costs, vet fees, etc.

Bugsy is a 6 year old Birman who has been in a CT shelter for too long. He needs to be an only pet and not around small children. Because Bugsy doesn’t get along with other cats, he is caged most of the time and hates it. He is currently on Prozac. When allowed to socialize with people, he is very affectionate, loves to be petted and brushed, and is a lap kitty. When Bugsy must be returned to his cage, he is easy to pick up and return there. He has been vetted and is up to date on vaccinations. Bugsy is on CD canned and dried food diet to decrease risk of urinary issues. Other than the one medication, he is healthy with no other current problems.
Sheba is a 1+ year old, Spay, Blue Tabby Point. Friendly and sweet. Has been with other cats. No dogs. No children. Located in Los Angeles, CA. Contact, email.
Belinda is a 10 years, 1 month Female, Spayed, Seal Tabby Point. Loving and friendly. Located in Atlanta, GA. Contact, email.
Jewell is a 5 years, 4 months, Spayed Blue Point. Shy, but friendly and likes to be with people. Okay with other cats. No children. Quieter household preferred. Located in Atlanta, GA. Contact, email.
Joe (Josarte) is a 5 years, 2 month, Neutered, Lilac Point. Super sweet, but shy and likes laps. Easy going. Located in Atlanta, GA. Contact, email.
Minskie is a 2 years 3 months, Neutered, Seal Point. Very playful and loving. Located in Atlanta, GA. Contact, email.
Ghost Girl is a 6 years old, spayed, Blue Cream. Front Declawed. Very loving, needs quiet home. No other pets. Located in Rockford, IL. Contact, email.
A-Major is a young Neuter, Seal Point. Loves people. Not good with dogs. TBD on other cats—they think it looks like he could be okay with other cats. Located in Rochester Hills, MI. Contact, email.
Gio is a Blue Point, Neuter, Adult. Super friendly, loves people, laps. Has been good with dogs and other cats. Located in Independence, MO. Contact, email.
Afina is a young Adult, Blue Point, Spay. Very sweet, loving and playful. Owner died and is in shelter. May face euthanasia. Up to date on shots. Not good with other cats. Located in Brick, NJ. Contact, Aimee 908-884-4744.
Multiple Cats, multiple cats ages 1+ to 15 years. Various colors. Super personalities. Up to date on vaccines and health check. Breeder surrender for health reasons. Currently in foster homes awaiting more information. Located in Middleburg, VA. Contact, email.
Amaiis a Seal Tortie Spay. Very sweet and loving. Needs experienced cat owner as she is recovering from an animal attack. Good with older children. Up to date on vaccines, etc. Located in Carrollton, TX. Contact, email.
Anastasia is a senior, Blue Point, Spay. Quiet and sweet. Could be with other quiet cat. Up to date on vaccines. Located in New Westminster, BC. Contact, email.
Anya is a senior, Seal Point, Spay. Sweet but shy. Found as a stray and needed a “lion cut”. Up to date on vaccines. Located in New Westminster, BC. Contact, email.

If you are interested and believe you may be able to offer these special Birmans a loving forever home they need, please contact Susan Gingrich at or Laurie Ormsby at NBF Rescue.

Or contact:
Ellen Emerson, Cat Adoption Coordinator
Pet Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)
504 Main Ave, Norwalk, CT
203-750-9572 x 102

It is the goal of every NBF member to keep our beloved cats out of shelters. So, we work together to find foster homes while we locate permanent new homes for these kitties.

The Birman Rescue Coordinator is: Laurie Ormsby and may be reached by email at:, phone (emergency only): 916 966-3230. Our backup is Susan Gingrich and may be reached at:

100% of donations are used entirely for rescue purposes. Please donate today! Donations can be mailed to Carolyn or you can use the PayPal link below.

Carolyn Prucha
W9141 Blue Spruce Lane
Cambridge, WI 53523