It was another busy year for our rescue endeavors. The special Birman Rescue Fund was significantly reduced. When paying your dues this year, please consider adding a few dollars to support efforts to save our precious Birmans by finding the right loving, responsible homes for them. Of course, donations are welcomed anytime too. I know this cute Birman is not show quality, but neither are many of those we try to place. A big thank you to Laurie Ormsby and Diane Coppola for leading our rescue in 2017. We appreciate every member and person who helped since we reenergized NBF Rescue.

Susan E Gingrich

From time to time, our beloved Birmans have trouble with their owners. The owners may no longer be able to care for or keep their cats. Sometimes this is due to death (of owner), disability, prolonged hospital stays or other issues that put them in a situation where they can no longer keep their beloved pet.

The Birman Rescue Fund helps to cover expenses when NBF is assisting in relocating these beautiful cats to their new home. Often expenses may include: transportation costs, vet fees, etc.

No Birmans available currently. Please check back with us soon!

It is the goal of every NBF member to keep our beloved cats out of shelters. So, we work together to find foster homes while we locate permanent new homes for these kitties.

The Birman Rescue Coordinator is: Laurie Ormsby and may be reached by email at: lcrystalormsby@gmail.com, phone (emergency only): (916)799-2040.
Our backup is Diane Coppola and may be reached at: diane@delobirmans.com, phone (emergency only): 484-964-4090.

100% of donations are used entirely for rescue purposes. Please donate today! Donations can be mailed to Lisa.

Lisa Cahill
8 Woodland Road
Centereach, NY 11720