It was another busy year for our rescue endeavors. The special Birman Rescue Fund was significantly reduced. When paying your dues this year, please consider adding a few dollars to support efforts to save our precious Birmans by finding the right loving, responsible homes for them. Of course, donations are welcomed anytime too. I know this cute Birman is not show quality, but neither are many of those we try to place. A big thank you to Laurie Ormsby and Diane Coppola for leading our rescue in 2017. We appreciate every member and person who helped since we reenergized NBF Rescue.

Merry Christmas and hoping for a Birman Happy New Year!

Susan E Gingrich

From time to time, our beloved Birmans have trouble with their owners. The owners may no longer be able to care for or keep their cats. Sometimes this is due to death (of owner), disability, prolonged hospital stays or other issues that put them in a situation where they can no longer keep their beloved pet.

The Birman Rescue Fund helps to cover expenses when NBF is assisting in relocating these beautiful cats to their new home. Often expenses may include: transportation costs, vet fees, etc.

Bugsy is a 6 year old Birman who has been in a CT shelter for too long. He needs to be an only pet and not around small children. Because Bugsy doesn’t get along with other cats, he is caged most of the time and hates it. He is currently on Prozac. When allowed to socialize with people, he is very affectionate, loves to be petted and brushed, and is a lap kitty. When Bugsy must be returned to his cage, he is easy to pick up and return there. He has been vetted and is up to date on vaccinations. Bugsy is on CD canned and dried food diet to decrease risk of urinary issues. Other than the one medication, he is healthy with no other current problems.
Belinda is a 10 years, 1 month Female, Spayed, Seal Tabby Point. Loving and friendly. Located in Atlanta, GA. Contact http://www.fancyfelinerescue.org/, email.
Multiple Cats, multiple cats ages 1+ to 15 years. Various colors. Super personalities. Up to date on vaccines and health check. Breeder surrender for health reasons. Currently in foster homes awaiting more information. Located in Middleburg, VA. Contact https://www.middleburghumane.com/, email.
Both Sasha and Tati are 7 year old female purebred Birmans. Ideally, they would be placed in the same home as they have been together their entire lives, from breeder to present. Both cats are very cute and friendly, although they may be shy for the first 5 minutes in meting them. Their shots are up to date. Separate descriptions are below. Sasha is a Seal Point Birman. She is a very smart, affectionate cat who loves attention. She has a lot of personality and a signature meow which can range from excited to grumpy! She is very loyal and on most occasions she will even greet you at the door when you come in, almost like a dog. She likes to snuggle and take naps on any soft surface like a pillow or bed. Sasha is also a very resilient cat. She had kidney stones a few years ago which led to a surgery but has recovered extremely well and aside from the SUB device she now has from her surgery, is basically the same cat as before. She does require follow up visits for her SUB a few times a year, and you should be careful when picking her up. Sasha has been a patient of the Animal Medical Center on the Upper East Side o f Manhattan. Her full veterinary recommendation is below. Every 3-4 months Sasha should have a recheck of her kidney values and a focused abdominal ultrasound to make sure the obstruction in her SUB device is not causing a problem. She should have a CBC/Chemistry/T4 performed every year. Please also be aware of the following: 1) There is one port located outside the body wall, but under the skin. 2)This means that in the future Sasha CANNOT EVER have a cystocentesis unless it is under ultrasound guidance. 3)It is very important that she DOES NOT HAVE ANY AGGRESSIVE ABDOMINAL PALPATION! We do not want the catheter in the kidney to be dislodged with aggressive manipulation. Please handle her gently, picking up from the front end while supporting the hind end (do NOT pick him/her up by the abdomen). 4) Sasha has had prior red blood cell infusions. Tatiana is a Lilac Point Birman. She is a very quiet and sweet cat but loves to play physically, especially chasing a string! She is also very affectionate and loves to snuggle and even lay down close to you on the couch. She is very low key but also happy to meet you at the door. She is a happy cat without any major health issues but does not like getting her nails trimmed! Otherwise she is very easygoing. She loves her wet food and comes running whenever a can is cracked open! She loves any warm spot hence her love of snuggling you! Please let me know if you need any other information. Thank you very much for your consideration. Located in New York City, NY. Contact via email.
Gatita is 12 years old and a blue point spay. She loves people and will greet you when you come home, hop in bed for while while you go to sleep. She would be best as an only pet as she does not want to share your attention with any other pets. We would love to see her go to someone who can pay lots of attention to her and give her a good home where she is loved and rules the roost. Adoption fee listed as $25.
Located in Livonia, Michigan. Contact Lisa Eggers: 248-921-4958

If you are interested and believe you may be able to offer these special Birmans a loving forever home they need, please contact Susan Gingrich at bria5555@yahoo.com or Laurie Ormsby at lcrystalormsby@gmail.com NBF Rescue.

Or contact:
Ellen Emerson, Cat Adoption Coordinator
Pet Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)
504 Main Ave, Norwalk, CT
203-750-9572 x 102

It is the goal of every NBF member to keep our beloved cats out of shelters. So, we work together to find foster homes while we locate permanent new homes for these kitties.

The Birman Rescue Coordinator is: Laurie Ormsby and may be reached by email at: lcrystalormsby@gmail.com, phone (emergency only): 916 966-3230. Our backup is Susan Gingrich and may be reached at: bria5555@yahoo.com

100% of donations are used entirely for rescue purposes. Please donate today! Donations can be mailed to Carolyn or you can use the PayPal link below.

Carolyn Prucha
W9141 Blue Spruce Lane
Cambridge, WI 53523